Sending emails with Python and Amazon SES

31 January 2020 - Code

There are tons of reasons you may want to use transactionnal emails in your software. For instance, I use it to send reports when a task is completed, or alerts when something went wrong during a process. I used a few different solutions in the past, from setting up my...

HTTP Authentication for Jupyter Notebooks

08 January 2019 - Code

If like me you use a lot of Jupyter Notebooks, you might want to run them from a remote server. More RAM, more computing power adnd edicated ressources can be quite useful! Jupyter notebooks provide a solution to run remotely with a simple password protection. It works, but it’s not...

Benchmarking Python PageRank calculation methods

09 March 2018 - Code

It is no secret, PageRank has been and is still used by Google to compare pages popularity amongst the web. When auditing a website, internal PageRank is a valuable information: it shows the most efficiently linked pages, and helps detect problem in your internal linking. However, when working on high...

Crawl Analysis in Python

29 January 2018 - Code

Crawling is one of the most common tasks in technical SEO. However, analyzing a crawl can take quite a long time, especially when working on high volume websites. Using good tools can help you go faster, and can bring you to more advanced analysis. Talking about advanced stuff, I belive...

Categorize data using RegEx

15 November 2017 - Code

Now that you know how to set Python up for SEO purposes, it is time to make real use of it! Let’s start with something really useful: this little script to categorize data. TL;DR: how to use it ? Follow the inscructions on the gitlab repository to install and use...

My Python setup for SEO

03 November 2017 - Code

I’ve been tinking code for a long time now, notably to automate tasks I do a lot as a SEO consultant. In this post, I’ll quickly explain why and how I use Python and the other tools in my setup. Why choose Python ? Python is one of the most...

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